Theme issues

I probably shouldn’t have automatically upgraded my theme.

– The background I can get back.
– The CSS title is still there on some browsers, but not all.
+ I have threaded comments now
+ The WP-PrettyPhoto lightbox gallery plugin is working again.
– The slideshow script is broken.
– lost the customization I made which allowed the slideshow to appear on category pages.

Another strange thing is that a lot of javascript went hokey on me last night.
Even different themes, which should reset everything.
For instance, I picked up the same template as, but the “quote” features in comments wouldn’t work.

So, some stuff works now.
Some stuff doesn’t.
Its progress.

What I should have done, and what I will do next time the theme is udpated, is make a backup of this theme’s directory.
Live and re-learn.

I must have installed a plugin that doesn’t jive with this theme.
I just loaded this theme onto another site and the slideshow works perfectly.

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