The yahoo cesspool – yahoo answers is a dung pile is literally swamped with dumb people, parroting right wing talking points.
Its the new AOL.

On yahoo answers, we are treated with 90%+ garbage questions, asked repeatedly.
For example, there’s the right’s big 200 million dollar / day lie which ended up on more than half a million websites within a day or two (the right wing lie machine is huge).

These are a portion the questions I bothered to answer, and ALL of these came AFTER the lie had been massively rejected. If you bother to click through to this crap, you’ll notice some of them are basically the same question, from the same person asking.

Propaganda? Probably, what other reason is there to continue repeating a lie.
Yahoo answers supports these lies.
Its a pile of trash.

Are the Obama’s dancing their way through India and laughing at us because they can spend 2 BILLION…?
Why is Obama touring the world with 3000 freeloaders on our dime?
What do Democrats make of Obama’s $200 BILLION a day trip?
Why do libs think Fox News reported Obamas india trip at 200 mill a day first when it was a indian news Source?
Did Bush ever take a trip that cost $200 Million a day?
Why did Fox pull their story about Obamas $200 million per day trip?
How do liberals feel about Obama using 200 million$/day during his trip to India, during these tough times?
If the India trip isnt costing $200 million a day, then why keep the price tag secret?
Why are liberals in denial that Obamas trip to India is costing 200 million a day?
Does Obama really need 34 warships and 200 million dollars a day for his trip to India?
Why is it going to cost 200 million dollars a day for 0-bama to spread “HOPE&CHANGE” to India? Now that?

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