Senate’s Health Care Bill

The CBO scored the senate’s bill, and reform if passed as is, would save us over 100 billion in the next ten years.

But the kicker comes in the next decade, when we save 650 billion dollars – or nearly the entire cost of the stimulus package.

Additionally, more than 300 economists wrote to President Obama in June, suggesting that health care reform was ESSENTIAL to improving/healing the economy.

People who scream “unsustainable” in regards to health care reform are idiots.
Complete and utter idiots.
Or you could call them Joe Lieberman’s.

“Some have argued that we cannot afford health insurance coverage for all because of the economic crisis. But solving America’s big health care problems is essential to economic recovery. We need to cover everyone now as part of comprehensive reform to rebuild our economy and restore prosperity. Affordable coverage with good benefits will give cash-strapped lower and middle-income Americans greater financial security – and the ability to pay their mortgages, start small businesses, save for college, pursue new job opportunities, and make other choices that will benefit our economy. And it will help business owners to insure their workers. Ensuring health security for all will allow workers to move to those jobs that fit them best, not just those that provide health insurance, promoting entrepreneurship and labor market productivity.”

See the letter:

So all you idiots out there – shut your yap while people who are competent fix what ails our country.

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