Debunking of the right-wing propaganda lie that Obama “tripled the deficit”.

These are deficit numbers from FY2009 – FY2013
The deficit has gone down dramatically – a faster reduction than any time (in nominal or adjusted dollars) in United States history, in sharp contrast to the right wing lie that Obama tripled the deficit.

FY2009 $1413 Billion Deficit (1.2 trillion, or 85% of this deficit is Bush)
FY2010 $1294 Billion Deficit
FY2011 $1299 Billion Deficit
FY2012 $1100 Billion Deficit

FY2012 just ended at 1.1 trillion.
Obama has reduced the deficit by $313 Billion in 4 years, or $409 Billiion inflation adjusted.

Clinton’s first four years the deficit was reduced by $181 Billion, or $283 Billion inflation adjusted
Clinton’s second four years, we saw surpluses, ending at $236.4, an increase of $258.4 billion, or $346 Billion inflation adjusted.

Obama’s deficit reduction is even faster than Clinton’s, no matter which four years of Clinton you look at.
And the deficit is projected to be $609 in 4 years.

That would be a total yearly deficit reduction of more than $800 Billion, which beats clinton’s @ $400 billion (nominal, not inflation adjusted)

2 thoughts on “Debunking of the right-wing propaganda lie that Obama “tripled the deficit”.”

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