Conner Crumbliss and Wade Boggs

Last year, I noted that Conner walked nearly twice as often as he struck out, in his debut at Vancouver.

This year, at Kane Country, Conner walked 126 times.
In 134 games.
That led to a 0.421 on base percentage.

Conner also struck out 92 times, but I’ll take that ratio.

Why do I compare him to Boggs, when Boggs struck out and walked less – had a better batting average?
OBP – nearly identical at this point.
Crumbliss is already showcasing more power (granted, doubles power) than Boggs did in the minors.
As measured by production (OPS), the two players are similar to this point.

We could have a player with a boggs-like ability to get on base, with a bit more speed than boggs – at second base.

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