What is the biggest threat to the american way of life?

Corporations buying government
As the supreme court has encouraged corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money – and even spend that money without any knowledge of where it came from – do we know who’s buying our elections?

We’ve seen propaganda at work.
– 10 years of fox “news” and 10% of the population thinks global warming is a scam.
– California got hit by a mere 50 million dollar advertising campaign and voted against a policy they wanted.
– Wisconsin re-elected scott walker based on the lie that he balanced the budget – but the deficit grew. He had 50 million dollars backing up his lies, though.
– The tea party protesting higher taxes two months after Obama LOWERED taxes.

If the majority are struggling (as money has flowed upward and left wages behind), they aren’t going to be paying attention to politics. Or if they are so stupid they “picked a team” and are sticking with that team – there goes the country.

Solution: campaign finance reform, and for that we need a strong democratic/progressive congress.

Climate Change
Are we passed the tipping point already?
This is another area where corporate interests have influenced public opinion far more than we should allow.

Health Reform
Assuming that Obamacare gets struck down by our activist right-wing supreme court, we’ll need to do something about growing costs in health care. This is also an economic issue, as businesses struggle to afford health care for their employees.

It would be nice to have a strong economy too, if we could get rid of the republicans standing in the way.

All major issues.
All require fewer republicans in congress.
Because lets face it, the republicorps can block things in the senate the same way they have for the last 3 years unless we lesson their numbers.

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