Things that everyone needs

I just discovered the predecessor (not really, but spiritually perhaps) to Sharper Image.
HAMMACHER SCHLEMMER & COMPANY, who have apparently been in business for 161 years.

Now, these gifts are out of my typical price range.
I expect to not receive any of these from anyone, and I won’t be giving any of these.

*I have no deal with these guys.
I have not tried any of these products.
Buy them or not, I don’t care.

Oh, look at that.
They do have an affiliate program.
I’ll sign up for that later.
If these products catch your eye, come back in a day or so.

Aquarium Coffee Table
The coolest coffee table ever.
Only $599
coffee table

The Low Maintenance Clear View Aquarium
This was sounding great, until I got to the part about having to change a filter every 8 weeks. Too bad. Let me know when the no-maintenance fish tank is available.

The Floating Light And Water Show
floating light show
Just needs a sound sensor so the water fountain could react to music and you’d have your own mini Bellagio fountain.

The Remote Controlled Rolling Beverage Cooler
No more getting up to hand someone a beer.
This will sell really well in college.
Its a 12-beer cooler, with wheels and a remote control.
Get your own beer without standing up.

The Geochron World Clock
Its just kinda cool. Expensive and largely useless – but cool.

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