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Rewriting history

Its probably well-known how some conservatives have been trying for a decade to argue that FDR’s spending (the new deal) prolonged the depression.
This in spite of common knowledge.

Here are the basic facts.

Unemployment dropped from 25% to 14% in his first term.

Roosevelt’s approach to the economic situation he inherited is known as the New Deal. The New Deal consisted both of executive orders and legislation pushed through Congress. Executive orders included the bank holiday declared when he first came to office; legislation created new government agencies, such as the Works Progress Administration and the National Recovery Administration, with the intent of creating new jobs for the unemployed. Other legislation provided direct assistance to individuals, such as the Social Security Act.

Roosevelt also gave us the minimum wage, who no thinking individual in their right mind doesn’t appreciate.

You may notice from the chart linked earlier that unemployment rose again in 1937.
Is this what the FDR revisionists are trying to latch onto?

Here’s what happened that year.
Republicans convinced FDR to stop spending (this is relative, debt as a % of GDP remained constant under FDR until the war) and balance the budget.
But these idiotic revisionists cannot connect those two obvious dots, or simply don’t want to.

Speaking of idiots, the real reason for this post is Virginia Foxx.
W T F.
Just wtf.