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Supreme Fck Up

Today the supreme court ruled in favor of big business.
Our newest supreme court justice Sonia Sotomoyer, for the record voted against. Thank you, Sonia.

The decision was 5-4, with conservative justices prevailing (not so hard when you have the numbers advantage).

The decision allows corporate entities to spend unlimited amounts of money lobbying and campaigning as they like.
At least before this decision goes into effect, corporations had to hide their spending.

The chamber of commerce, led by a climate-change denying idiot, spent over 100 million dollars lobbying last year.

If you are reading this and wondering “what’s the big deal, man?” then you’ve had your eyes closed to reality for more than a decade.

If you celebrate this as a victory for free speech, you are either a drain on the country’s collective IQ or you have a financial stake in business having an even larger say in our politics. Cue up congressional republicans, lol. Actually, that isn’t completely true.
Olympia Snowe (last moderate republican) spoke out against the decision.
And even that weasel McCain was on the right side of things for a change.

One of the potential problems with giving money an even bigger say in politics, is that roughly 10% of the country is owned by Saudia Arabia*.

*I don’t remember where I found this. It might be wrong entirely.
Its a blog – get over it.

Update: Received an automated message from Grayson. I’m not the only one worried about foreign powers having a say in our country’s government.

I’ve been thinking a little more about the Supreme Court’s decision. This ruling gives foreign powers more rights than U.S. citizens. Imagine that! Aramco, a corporation owned by the Saudi Arabian government, will have enormously more influence in choosing your senator than you will. That’s one thing that I meant when I said that “if we do nothing, you can kiss this country goodbye.”

We’ve already been bowing to business – health care reform might be over, and climate legislation has been avoided for 30 years.
Why is that you wonder? Is it because the earth has been getting cooler?
Do you think Scientists are no longer as concerned as they were 30 years ago?

In fact, scientists agree more than ever that we’re screwing up our planet and we need to limit our pollution.

And yet, over the last 30 years there’s been a big drop in the number of people who think global warming is caused by man.
And less than 40% of the united states accepts the theory of evolution.

These aren’t scientists.
These are your average city slicker or hillbilly.

This malady of brain cellus-lackus occurs nowhere else in the developed world.
And often we lag behind developing countries in education.
We’ve gotten stupider.

The rest of the world listens to their scientists.
We listen to fox.

Added later:
Allow me to be bi-partisan in my scorn for stupidity.
The dems have a few gems as well.
Please read about Mary Landrieu at think progress.