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And the bagger whines, “I don’t like the flicker”

as if fluorescent bulbs still flicker.

next they’ll whine about how long it takes for fluorescent bulbs turn on.
mine are near instant.

I’m referring to a bagger’s habit of trying to avoid saving money and reducing their waste, by insisting they want to use incandescent bulbs. Limbaugh is a big proponent of this. Crazy bagger Republicans like Michelle Bachmann also resist new technology. I have to wonder if the incandescent loves are simply paid schills for big oil.

Well baggers, meet the LED. Below is a chart for comparing costs of a fluorescent vs an incandescent.
But we can use it for LED’s as well.

I’ll save you the trouble of actually typing in the values.
A 5-watt LED saves somewhere around $12/year compared to a typical 40-watt bulb, and that includes the $5 cost of buying the LED. The next year you save $17. Baggers hanging onto a 75 watt incandescent are paying $35 more per year for light.

By AJ Design Software

Www.ledwholesalers.com seems to have reasonable prices.
Lemandsind is new to me, but their prices beat ledwholesalers.com.
Probably all made in China, though.

USA does make LEDs (Cree for example and I think Luxeon as well).