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Push Polling

I clicked on an ad from Newsmax a moment ago.

The first question was simple enough.
“Do you support President Obama’s and the Democrat’s plan for universal health care?”

The second question is dishonest and misleading.
“Do you believe the Democratic health plan should include 45 million uninsured, including illegal aliens?”

1. The entire point is to insure more americans.
2. The bills being negotiated now include language specifically prohibiting non-citizens from benefitting.

4. Do you believe Obama’s health care plan is too expensive?
Reform may eventually cost what bush’s mma cost, but will be deficit neutral (paid for).
They could also provide some facts to go along with the question – namely how much it is projected to cost.

A registered Republican friend of mine recently received a misleading poll sent by the RNC and had Michael Steele’s name on it.

The first question was “Do you support President Obama’s policies which will lead to a $23.1 trillion deficit”

23.1 trillion.
I would love to know how they fabricated those numbers.
Until recently the right had been screaming about the deficit projected over the next 10 years, while acknowledging no failure on their own part to control spending under the previous administration.

If we only look at what Obama has spent, it comes out to roughly $80 billion / year over 10 years.
That is primarily the stimulus, which is projected by the congressional budget office to increase GDP by up to 9.5% and provide millions of jobs over the next 3 years.

The right has no shame.
The right has no values.
The right is without a brain.