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Factcheck before you Forward

Avoid friends questioning your IQ.
Don’t be lazy.
Factcheck emails before you forward them.

There are 3 good sites for this purpose, that I am aware of.

Non-partisan Politifact has a page regarding anonymous emails here:


Snopes also tries to bust the occasional false rumor nut.

And www.factcheck.org brings to light political nonsense from both sides.

Fox network spreading lies again

Steve Doocy, Glenn Beck and other fox truth stretchers have been pushing the false claim that:

“White House Political Director Patrick Gaspard once served as the “right-hand man” for Bertha Lewis, who heads up ACORN.”

Who did Fox turn to for this intrepid piece of false reporting?
Someone’s blog.
Great work again Fox.

MediaMatters.org has more here:

Politifact has more here:

For politifact’s Glenn Beck page, click below: