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All plants growing in my little apartment.
And my deck is full of others.

These are probably narcissus bulbs, though one is likely a hyacinth.

A fern and a peace lily. Peace lilies are reported to be good at cleaning the air.

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

Hyacinth bulbs

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

More bulbs (narcissus and hyacinth)

Narcissus bulbs. Ran out of single containers, so left-over bulbs got tossed into this bowl.

Couple sets of seedlings. A mix of things, sweet peas, four o’clocks, lavendar, stock, candytuft

I don’t recall what these were, but they are sprouting. Big seeds. Maybe that was the moringa seeds.

Sweet Peas

These are (will be) calamondin – miniature citrus trees.

Fifteen wisteria seeds were just planted here, 3 varieties.

If my other guess about Moringa seeds is wrong, these are moringa seeds.

These are the Miracle Fruit (changes sour to sweet) seeds.

These seedlings are sprouting in rock wool cubes (or stone wool).
Another mix of plants.

My wick system – two pieces from a mob sucking moisture up to the plants.

Baby Wisteria Vine.

Lemon-scented Eucalyptus (mosquito repellent)

Night Jasmine or Carolina Jasmine – I got these two mixed up.


Night Jasmine or Carolina Jasmine.

Seeds in Deco Beads

The clear beads have a combination of four o’ clock and sweet pea seeds.
Both seem to have sprouted, and rather quickly.
deco beads seeds1
The green beads are filled with… candytuft, and they just started sprouting.
I should probably filter some of the water out of that one.
I’ve seen a few seeds drop to the bottom to drown.
However, the seeds that soaked a bit in water first seem to have sprouted sooner.