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OOTP and Baseball Mogul

I’ve played Baseball Mogul off and on for 10 years.
It is a very easy game to get into, provided you enjoy the sports management genre.

Easier to get into traditionally for me, when compared with OOTP (out of the park) baseball.
OOTP is much deeper, and certainly is more of a simulation.

In the past both games have suffered from unrealistic results, with OOTP having issues with injuries.

Mogul meanwhile, has had problems recently (within the last couple years) in simulations after the first few seasons.
In one case, new (computer generated) position players were unable to hit.
So after the current crop of real players, your game effectively ends or you simply try to compile the best San Francisco Giants roster possible (all pitching, no offense).


In both cases mentioned, realism suffers.
And the default probably isn’t set hard enough in OOTP, as I’ve consistently been able to trade for top prospects with lesser prospects.
I want the default setting to be: real, as real as it can get.

Both games have demos.
The baseball mogul website is here
The OOTP website is here

A game I have never played, is diamond mind baseball.
Their simulations are pretty accurate, from what I’ve read.

Hmm, looks like this website has stagnated, outside of small updates.