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CBO says Senate bill reduces deficit by $81 billion

Over 10 years the Max Baucus bill would “result in a net reduction in federal budget deficits of $81 billion over the 2010–2019 period“.

Welcome news, as the president has stated that he would veto legislation that added to the deficit.

And this should (it won’t) settle down the suddenly budget-conscious republicans who scream about the cost without any factual reason.

And yet, there is lindsey graham (republican) on Fox after hearing the news stating that we should start over.

And likely, as this administration’s successes grow – right-wing media will continue to get crazier. As evidence for that, watch Glenn Beck. Or read this article about Bill Ayers joking that he wrote Barack Obama’s “dreams of my father”.

Colbert rips Max Baucus

Stephen Colbert takes a moment to recognize the 5 democrats who voted against the public option amendments.

And encourages viewers to send their medical bills to Max Baucus, recipient of over 3 million dollars from the health industry, who is a primary architect of the public-option-less bill in the senate and twice voted against the public option on the grounds that it didn’t have enough votes.

Montana, please vote this pathetic turd out of office.

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Send Your Medical Bills to Max Baucus
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