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This is simply AMAZING!

“House GOP Declares Unanimously: Bush Tax Cuts Did Not Blow Up The Budget”

That’s like painting a big “THERE’S NOBODY DUMBER THAN ME!!!” sign on your head, republicans.
but then, that statement is probably true.

Repubulicans in the House were trying to pass a bill that would change the “way neutral budget score-keepers analyze the effects of taxation, to make it appear as if unpaid-for tax cuts don’t deepen deficits.”

They want to hide the cost of tax cuts (reduction in revenue), like they hid the cost of the bush wars.
In that manner they can AGAIN build a HUGE deficit, which they can again try to blame on democrats, despite reality.
Then they can AGAIN claim “we can’t afford these middle class programs, or programs for our poorest”.

If I believed in the concept of evil (I do believe in the concept of greedy turds), republicans would get that label.

Eff you.
Eff you lots.

In spite of reality, conservatives continue to call for smaller government

The chart begins when the stimulus was passed, showing a quick turnaround in private sector jobs, but a continued deterioration of government jobs.

Once again, you stupid conservatives – government has shrunk by more than half a million jobs under Obama (while it grew under the republican president).
Again again, you twits – the private sector has gained nearly 2 million jobs.

Everything the right puts in your tiny, pea-brained head is FICTION

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Lying Republicans: Mitch McConnell

McConnell says he won’t vote for an increase in the debt ceiling without cuts to medicare.

Lets review lying Mitch’s voting history over the last decade – keeping in mind what created our deficit (see the chart below).


2001 and 2003 unfunded bush tax cuts?  Mitch voted yes

unfunded Medicare expansion?  Mitch voted yes.

unfunded wars?  Mitch voted yes.

TARP and the bailouts?  Mitch voted yes.

jobs?  Mitch voted no.

Medicare?  Mitch wants to cut it – to PAY FOR THE DEFICIT THE REPUBLICANS CREATED

Rolling Stone: How Roger Ailes built the Fox News Fear Factory

The onetime Nixon operative has created the most profitable propaganda machine in history. Inside America’s Unfair and Imbalanced Network.

Fox News stands as the culmination of everything Ailes tried to do for Nixon back in 1968. He has created a vast stage set, designed to resemble an actual news network, that is literally hard-wired into the homes of millions of America’s most conservative voters.

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Boehner caught lying again

Boehner, to the general (non-fox division) public – we should look at ending oil subsidies.

Boehner, later – says he lied because he didn’t want to get caught defending big oil.

Another example of Boehner lying:
First, here’s boehner begging that Bush’s TARP get passed.

A year later, here’s boehner crying that Bush’s TARP should be shut down.

And EVERY SINGLE TIME boehner blames the deficit on democrats, he is LYING.
EVERY TIME chicken-shit Boehner blames nameless “spending” for the deficit, he is dodging the FACT that the deficit is primarily due to REPUBLICAN POLICY – which HE voted for.

Lying boehner.