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Kansas City Royals Off-season

There has been rumors that KC may attempt to trade high on Alberto Callaspo, who apparently likes to party.
Nothing wrong with that, as long as he’s not driving.

Callaspo was Kansas City’s most potent hitter last season, it terms of VORP (value over replacement player) and walked more often that he struck out in his first full season. I feed vindicated, after posting on the KC board that they should have given him the job the prior year as well.
On the other hand is his defense, but perhaps he can work on that.
I’d keep the bat at 2nd, especially consider that Callaspo is entering his prime now, given that his listed age is correct.

The rumor I read said that Callaspo would be traded for a rookie catcher from the dodger system who had a 430 obp in AAA the last two years.
That sounds great.
But then you find out the guy is 29.
And he’s got no power at all.
And you remember he’s a catcher, the most physically demanding position.
How many plate appearances do you think you’d get from him?
I’d guess no more than 450, and that is generous.
Callaspo would likely manage 650 PA’s next year and was nearly a 3 win (above replacement) player.

I want to emphasize my earlier point again.
Dump Jose Guillen.
You have better players that need at bats, and there are several late-20’s outfielders that should be available on the trade market.

Dump Jose Guillen if at all possible.
That was a big mistake.
Addition by subtraction, please.

Both Buck and Olivio have pop.
I wouldn’t attempt to upgrade here, as both have approached 800 ops in recent seasons.
Olivio doing it despite a complete lack of discipline.

First Base and Designated hitter.
Bring up Kila.
If his defense is superior to Butler, use Kila at first.
If not, leave Butler there.
Problem solved.
Trade Mike Jacobs.

Second Base
Alberto Callaspo
Good bat.
17 errors though.
But over 800 ops.
I think KC is fine at second for a while, if he can keep this up or improve.
41 doubles.
Pretty batting average.
More walks than strikeouts.

Yuniesky Betancourt – dump him.
This move was a head scratcher.
You can’t count on this guy to get on base more than 30% of the time.
Likely less.
In short, causes way too many outs.

Hang on there.
I was assuming that KC would have a better player just sitting in their system.
But their backup at short is even less productive with the bat.
Mario Lisson apparently plays short – he’s got more potential with the bat that either of the guys in his way.
The problem there is Lisson hasn’t had much seasoning.
Jeff Bianchi?
None of these guys walk.
Bianchi and Lisson have pop, Bianchi is ahead with the bat.

Screw it.
Go free agency while Lisson and Bianchi are getting seasoning in the minors.
Adam Everett is plenty capable.
Or marco scutaro, perhaps (type A).

Third Base
Alex Gordon
Just let him play

Left Field
David DeJesus
He’s plenty good for left field for now.

Center field
Mitch Maier
I’m comfortable with the kid.
Couple years and he’ll be putting up an 800 ops.

Right Field
Xavier Nady
Free agent
Could manage an 800 ops for the next couple of years

If KC can manage to get a capable right fielder, such as Nady and a new shortstop (scutaro) this team could collectively approach an 800 ops, which would stick them solidly in the top half of the american league.
And there would be no free outs in the lineup, at least not to the extent of last year’s team.


Zack Greinke, this year’s cy young winner if there is any justice.
A great numbero uno.

The rest of the Kansas City staff had a rough year.

Bannister and Meche I’m comfortable with.
Hochevar not so much.

Davies, despite the rough year was not easy to hit.

I would attempt to find a free agent.
Harden perhaps?
Only if you’ve got the money.

At AAA, KC had good seasons from Lenny DiNardo and a great 80 innings from Bruce Chen.
I think you’ve got to keep those two in the mix for a starter spot.

A little on the depressing side, but if everything goes right an above average offense with an average pitching staff should win the majority of its games.
Average pitching might be too much to count on, is the problem, though most of their rotation has experienced success in the majors.