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Senate’s Health Care Bill

The CBO scored the senate’s bill, and reform if passed as is, would save us over 100 billion in the next ten years.

But the kicker comes in the next decade, when we save 650 billion dollars – or nearly the entire cost of the stimulus package.

Additionally, more than 300 economists wrote to President Obama in June, suggesting that health care reform was ESSENTIAL to improving/healing the economy.

People who scream “unsustainable” in regards to health care reform are idiots.
Complete and utter idiots.
Or you could call them Joe Lieberman’s.

“Some have argued that we cannot afford health insurance coverage for all because of the economic crisis. But solving America’s big health care problems is essential to economic recovery. We need to cover everyone now as part of comprehensive reform to rebuild our economy and restore prosperity. Affordable coverage with good benefits will give cash-strapped lower and middle-income Americans greater financial security – and the ability to pay their mortgages, start small businesses, save for college, pursue new job opportunities, and make other choices that will benefit our economy. And it will help business owners to insure their workers. Ensuring health security for all will allow workers to move to those jobs that fit them best, not just those that provide health insurance, promoting entrepreneurship and labor market productivity.”

See the letter:

So all you idiots out there – shut your yap while people who are competent fix what ails our country.

John Boehner wrong again

House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner from Ohio claimed “I’m still trying to find the first American to talk to who’s in favor of the public option, other than a member of Congress or the administration”.

This despite national polls showing the majority of Americans want the public option.

And Boehner’s own Ohio heavily favors the public option.

“Ohio voters support 57 – 35 percent the idea of giving American consumers the option of buying health insurance from a government-run plan.”

Does Boehner think he represents the insurance industry?  Because he simply is not representing those who elected him.
Vote this loser out please, Ohio.

At Politico:

At Huffington Post:

Colbert rips Max Baucus

Stephen Colbert takes a moment to recognize the 5 democrats who voted against the public option amendments.

And encourages viewers to send their medical bills to Max Baucus, recipient of over 3 million dollars from the health industry, who is a primary architect of the public-option-less bill in the senate and twice voted against the public option on the grounds that it didn’t have enough votes.

Montana, please vote this pathetic turd out of office.

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Send Your Medical Bills to Max Baucus
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Stephen Colbert on health care negotiations

Colbert translates Pat Roberts request for additional time as “all he wants is some time for health care lobbyists to change the bill”.

“It’s time for lawmakers like Max Baucus to stop hiding their relationships and start printing bumper stickers like these: “Max Baucus: I take more money from the health care lobby than anyone in congress.”

A little honesty from our lawmakers would be nice.

Why is it that the majority of the country wants a public option, but congress has such a tough time getting that done?
Because corporate lobbyists and their paid-for flunkies in congress have too much influence.
Its time to outlaw lobbying and let our lawmakers focus on the good of the people they were elected to serve.

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Don’t get sick

The GOP health care plan:
Don’t get sick

In chastising republicans for their blind support of the status quo, Alan Grayson brought out a sign that sums up the republican health care plan. Don’t get sick.

And republicans were naturally outraged over being faced with reality.

I think its about time they had some of their own medicine.
Well done.