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We have all the finest DB’s at my political forum.
Today, the House passed their health care reform bill.

Way to go Pelosi and company!
Thanks even go to one republican, amazingly enough.

On my forum, the subject of a thread was the passage of the bill, and a left-leaning poster expresses some gratitude toward our lawmakers.
This is the response by a right-leaning poster.

My only hope now……….is:

The complete and TOTAL obliteration of the Democratic Party…..forever!

WHAT sort of health care are our politicians going to have?
NOT what the American public will be stuck with, that’s for sure!

Nancy Pelosi really NEEDS a facelift. Will this be covered?
IF her facelift is GROSSLY botched by a junky intern posing as a cosmetic surgeon, EMPLOYED by the govt. and she finds herself looking like Michael Jackson did……who will be accountable?
Oh yeah……she will!

Then again, she would probably LOVE to look just like him…..NOW.
It would be a big improvement.

Enjoy your little “reform” victory…….you LOSERS!

It WON’T last.

YOUR Day of Reckoning……awaits.

This is the reaction by some on the right for passing reforms that will lower costs and prevent deaths.

Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?
Imagine if a democrat led us into a war based on false pretenses?
The right would tizzy itself to death.