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CombinatoRx, Incorporated (CRXX)

To sum up the in-depth analysis used in selecting this stock, I can say this:
It was under a buck (0.61 cents), and has been as low as 0.41 in march.

Recently trading was halted for a day.

Nasdaq halts CombinatoRx trading pending FDA review

I get the impression that news of their new pain drug will play a big part in their future.

Despite the length of that analysis, here’s one more.

Ford was $1.98/share.

That was actually based on a tip from my aunt, who steered me away from GM thankfully.
Ford is the only one of the big three (GM, chrysler) that did not accept bailout money last December.

And looking back, I should have simply dumped everything into Ford.
But I just saw an article about CRXX and its exciting, despite my not knowing much about the company.

Seeking Alpha – Combinatorx-could-move-either-way-on-fda-review-wednesday

Although Combinatorx (CRXX) stock dropped 15% during early trading on Tuesday, a pop is likely if the FDA review of the company’s pain medication, Exalgo, is positive.

UPDATE: October 5, 2009
CRXX jumped from $1.27 to $1.60 earlier before settling at $1.49.
The reason for the  near 20% jump?

Their drug development partner (Fovea Pharmaceuticals SA) may be bought out soon, and that appears to be the reason for the ‘pop’