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Conner Crumbliss and Wade Boggs

Last year, I noted that Conner walked nearly twice as often as he struck out, in his debut at Vancouver.

This year, at Kane Country, Conner walked 126 times.
In 134 games.
That led to a 0.421 on base percentage.

Conner also struck out 92 times, but I’ll take that ratio.

Why do I compare him to Boggs, when Boggs struck out and walked less – had a better batting average?
OBP – nearly identical at this point.
Crumbliss is already showcasing more power (granted, doubles power) than Boggs did in the minors.
As measured by production (OPS), the two players are similar to this point.

We could have a player with a boggs-like ability to get on base, with a bit more speed than boggs – at second base.

A’s prospects, Tyler Ladendorf, Conner Crumbliss and Kala Kaaihue

None of these three prospects is likely to appear in the top 25 A’s prospect list this year.
The A’s are fairly deep, and I look forward to the next few seasons.
Ladendorf and Kaaihue both seem like big question marks, but neither cost much.
Crumbliss is exciting to me, and I’ll be following his progress closely.

Tyler Ladendorf is the prospect Beane received from Minnesota for Orlando Cabrera.

Tyler played ball at a junior college, and had a great final season, batting .542
More about Tyler here:

He’s struggled so far in pro ball, but I would not be surprised if he broke out next season.

Conner Crumbliss played in Vancouver after being selected by the Athletics in the 28th round of the 2009 draft.
One of the more knowledgeable posters on my A’s message board claims this guy is a player – best on that team.

I appreciate the hitters who walk more than they strikeout, and Conner accomplishes that, with 49 walks vs 28 strikeouts and 11 steals.
I did not locate Conner’s college statistics.

Kala Ka’aihue  is the brother of Kansas City first base prospect Kila Ka’aihue.

Kala has a checkered minor league record, sometimes mashing sometimes flailing.
Very much a question mark.
Kala was originally selected by Boston.