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Drop Dobbs

Media Matters (media watchdog) and America’s Voice have produced an ad which was rejected by CNN, who apparently doesn’t like criticism of their hate-mongering, birther, talk show host.

I didn’t mind Dobbs much until he went birther.
Which is bat crap nutty.

Watch the video below, dig up more videos from youtube.
If you feel as I do, go to http://www.dropdobbs.com/ and sign the petition.
This guy belongs with Fox, not a credible news network.

Drop Dobbs on Twitter:

Daily Show mocks CNN

This clip helps illustrate why I have trouble appreciating CNN on a regular basis.
They give equal time to knowledgeable people as they do the crackpots.
America is not 50% crackpot.

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Why can’t CNN do some decent fact-checking, rather than seemingly stand by complicity while guests spread misinformation?
To be fair, I like Rick Sanchez and I’ve even caught Anderson Cooper correcting a guest – but its far too uncommon.