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Lincoln Commercials and Shiny Toy Guns

The music for these Lincoln commercials is done by Shiny Toy Guns.
They have a website here:

The first (lincoln mkz) is a remake of Major Tom.

The original Major Tom is here:

The second (lincoln MKS) is a remake of Blue Oyster Cult’s Burning for you.

The original burning for you is here:

Incidentally, Shiny Toy Guns does a version of Putting on the Ritz also:

It seems that many times a product’s superior marketing can dominate a buyer’s decision come purchase time.
Which leads me to think I want to invest in GM when available again.

That wouldn’t be the sole reason – the ad agency Lincoln hired.
GM’s CEO has stated they will be in the low-end market.
By low end, I mean $4000.
Perfect around town, maybe.

And I’m sure they will see a bit of a boost as people migrate to the Volt, assuming no terrible initial reviews.

I’m a bit disappointed – look what happened to the Volt.