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MLB 2010 – who’s taking a step forward?

Felix Hernandez, Seattle
He was great this year.
I think he can do better.

Clay Bucholz, Boston
Assuming he’s given a spot, of course.

Phil Hughes, New York (AL)
Same thing

Max Scherzer, Arizona
I expect an ERA below 3 with 200 K’s.

Mat Latos, San Diego
This guy strikes me as really good.
And in that park? I expect he’ll get an all star nod next year.

Daric Barton, Oakland
.280 average, 15 home runs, 85 rbi, .380 obp
Some may not count that as a breakout, but we’re not expecting a lot of power.
This is not much of a stretch, but so far he’s only shown greatness in September.

Ryan Sweeney
He’ll hit over .300 with closer to his second half slugging numbers than his first half.
Here’s hoping, that would make him an all star.

Travis Snider
I expect he’ll hit right away – not to the Ryan Braun level. Less average, maybe more power.

Colby Rasmus
I should give the guy a couple more years before expecting much, but I have high hopes.

Carlos Santana
He’ll hit right away.

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A decent prediction by Mike Blowers

Predicted the day of a players first home run.
And the inning (5th).
And the pitch type (fastball)
And the count (3-1).
And the location (left field, second deck).

It appears fairly amazing to me, but I bet if you ask Blowers he’d say its simple luck and educated guesses.

3-1 being a fairly typical fastball count, those two go together.
And the batter is a good fastball hitter with power (or so I’ve heard/read). From his minor league stats I would not be surprised if Tuiasosopo could hit 30 in a season at some point.
Blowers may have scouting information that says the rookie is a pull hitter (most power hitters are pull hitters).
Guessing the inning and distance?
Maybe Blowers saw how far he was hitting in BP that day, but inning sounds like luck or odds.

Still pretty amazing, considering all that.

Rachel Maddow had a clip about the prediction on her show.

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MLB winners for 9/29 games

I will be picking winners, to tally up in a week when the season ends

Image comes from:

September 29 Games:

Phillies over Houston
Mets over Washington
St. Louis over Cincinnati
Atlanta over Florida
Chicago over Pittsburgh
Milwaukee over Colorado
Los Angeles over San Diego
San Francisco over Arizona

— american league —
Minnesota over Detroit
Detroit over Minnesota (verlander starts)
Cleveland over Chicago
New York over Kansas City
Tampa Bay over Baltimore
Boston over Toronto
Texas over Los Angeles
Oakland over Seattle

I got 6 right – fluke