Stimulus results and CNN going right

Are not yet tallied, but the White House estimate is 650,000 jobs.

Which is on target to hit 3 million over the life of the stimulus, but I had hoped for more.
Of course, this doesn’t take into account indirect jobs – but that is more difficult to count.

More at Yahoo.

Update: has updated their site.

640,329 jobs.
Assuming these numbers are correct, how good is that number?

CBO reported a low estimate of 800,000 jobs and 1.4% GDP
And a high estimate of 2.3 million jobs and 3.8% GDP

So you can consider me slightly disappointed.
Of course, maybe the CBO numbers include jobs indirectly tied to the stimulus.
Which I’ve read numbers of 1 million jobs, so either way its toward the low side of estimates.
On the other hand, the administration was careful to stick to conservative estimates of 3 million over 2-3 years.

— An Example of why I say CNN is not liberal, and certainly not in alliance with the White House —

They are reporting on the stimulus, and they lead off with unemployment numbers, implying the common right-wing nonsense that a high unemployment rate means the stimulus is not working. They then display and challenge the stimulus numbers in their entirety by quoting someone who doesn’t understand how the white house can tell the difference between a saved job and a created job.

I’ll explain that.
If the states used money to pay salaries for existing employees that would otherwise have been laid off, then that is a job saved.
If someone is hired for a project, that is a job created.
There is nothing difficult about this, CNN (and sources).

Its doing what was expected by realists (people paying attention).

CNN ends its report by noting that the market dropped big on Friday and that the 3.5% GDP increase “isn’t that impressive”.
What, lol?

Would CNN rather be still in the recession?

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