Ron Christie, Spin Artist and Idiot Parrot

Ron Christie, Republican flunkie is frequently on the Ed show and today Ed and Jack Rice let Christie repeat the full-of-crap talking point that obama tripled the deficit.

That is BS.

The deficit has NOT TRIPLED.

Ed, you should know better.
This guy lies on your show constantly.

Now, the facts:
Bush projected deficit (beginning of the year) last year: $450 billion
This does not include the 700 billion TARP bush signed, or the auto bailouts.
Or the cost of the wars.
Or the AMT adjustment.
In short, the Bush number is complete BS.
Christie should know this, but he’s a parrot with instructions to spin regardless of how stupid it makes him look.

Actual deficit last year: $1.2 trillion

Tripling that deficit would mean a deficit of 3.6 trillion.
Rather, its 1.5 trillion.
Which is the Bush number +this year’s stimulus.

That is an increase of 25%, not 300%.
Stupid parrot republicans.
Piss off, Christie.

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