Right Wing Spammer: Under Dog

76.8% of 151 comments by Under Dog are duplicates

Under Dog thinks newsmax is news, rather than obvious propaganda.
so clearly Under Dog isn’t a thinker.

It is more creative than many right wing propagandists on yahoo, with this ode to lennon.

Imagine there’s no Obama It’s easy if you try No Debt for us Above us only sky Imagine all the people working for today Imagine there’s no welfare It isn’t hard to do No food stamps? And no Biden too Imagine all the people working in america You, you may say? I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one I hope some day you’ll join us And the America will be as one

taking down this piece of crap:
– “No Debt”, silly to whine about democratic debt when 90% of our debt is republican and the other 10% (including the stimulus) was rescue policies.
– “all the people working for today”, riiiight, because losing 800,000 jobs per month is the precursor to “all the people working”
– “Imagine there’s no welfare”. there’s no welfare in somalia. welfare makes the country stronger, whether you understand how or not, you dumb con.
– “No food stamps”. we’re still fighting off the effects of the bush recession. not only does this dumb bitch blame obama for bush policies (debt), the bush recession (jobs), he’s blaming obama for automatic increases (less people working) built into law and triggered by the bush recession. pathetic stuff.

its always mindless, when you deal with conservatives.

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