Reminding republicans about reality

Fact: when president Obama took office we were losing more than 700,000 jobs per month.
Fact: NOTHING, barring some impossible miracle could have turned that around immediately, which means that ANY president would have had the same unemployment record – except republicans would have let the AUTO INDUSTRY DIE – there goes MILLIONS of jobs. And republicans would not have passed the stimulus – another 3 million jobs. With a republican president instead of President Obama, we’d have 14% unemployment. Its simple math.
FACT: EVERY SINGLE TIME republicans whine about jobs, they are actually whining about the recession that started december 2007 – more than a year before president Obama took office.
FACT: republicans prevented every other economic measure offered by the democratic house of representatives under Nancy Pelosi after the stimulus was passed.
FACT: republicans were elected by hillbillies and medicated old folks that think fox is news.
FACT: NOTHING that republicans have proposed in a year since they were elected would positively affect our jobs situation.

In short, if your dumb conservative ass is whining about the president and the economy, you’re fucking stupid.

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