Patience for idiots

Do you have any?

Let me highlight some stupidity.

the average yahoo con claims to eat for $5 per day.
those fat-asses eat more than that at mcdonalds for breakfast.

I asked yahoo conservatives, if they had to select between someone with very little knowledge in a particular field, vs someone with more than a decade of knowledge. Not one of them chose the decade+ of knowledge.

I asked why Fox ignores economists, and provided 5 examples of such cases. This is one of the brighter con responses.
“Ur ******* questions about fox news are retarded shut your ******* mouth because everyone knows that both cnn and fox ignore certain things equally u ******* idiot
We all know that fox leans to conservitive sides and cnn leans to liberals this is a stupid ******* question”

I asked a yes or no question
“On matters of the economy, is it stupid to ignore economists?”
the genius responses?
“for every economist that agrees with you there is one who disagrees….so what is your point”
“If they were really good at being economists, they’d be so rich that they wouldn’t have to continue being economists.”
“Considering all they’re doing is predicting, No.”
“Sometimes. Economists are people. People are generally biased towards their own opinion.”
“Which one do you choose to believe? There are thousands; and most of them don’t agree about anything in this economy.”

I asked “If they could get away with it, would corporations employ 5 year olds at low wages to increase profit?”
And one of the bright cons asked “who is they?”.

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