The right wing fiction blaming poor people for the bush housing crisis

No, Marco Rubio, government did not cause the housing crisis

Private sector loans, not Fannie or Freddie, triggered crisis

Debunking Conservative Myths About Mortgage Crisis

The right blames the credit crisis on poor minority homeowners. This is not merely offensive, but entirely wrong.

It Wasn’t Fannie, Freddie, or the CRA

The Big Lie of the Crisis, Called Out By the Press

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Kimberly Amadeo, “US economy expert” (HAHAHAHA) at

This crazy lady is a right wing extremist, helping to push lies about the economy.

In a recent article she wrote for, she discusses the causes of the current deficit, and first on her list is obama’s stimulus which has been over for 3 years, lol.

In an article comparing bush’s debt to obama’s debt, she blames obama for debt from bush policies, lol

In another article, she randomly starts adding costs to the deficits, doubling the cost of the stimulus.  for no reason, lol.

She tries to say “both obama and bush ran up record deficits”, when in reality bush was given a surplus and turned that into a 1.2 trillion deficit.
Obama took GWB’s 1.2 trillion deficit and CUT IT IN HALF.
In other words, NO, obama didn’t run up record deficits.

She tries to claim FY2010  was the biggest deficit in history.
In reality, FY2009 was bigger.
She also gets the amount wrong.

This same batshit nutty chick helped to push the lie that Fannie and Freddie were behind the housing crisis.


Youtube’s Libertarian Nutjob Spammers

Ladylordess is a nutjob spam account that posts the same generic asinine garbage on every white house video.  account marto follows it around a lot.  These comments are all since June 26, but are not all of the spammer’s comments – just the ones that were easy to dig up.  bolded items could be facts, if they were true.

– How is this person still in office?  Our campaigner-in-chief has lost all respect by Americans who care about America and her people.  Who are these canned lines of rhetoric working on?  The people who support him aren’t capable of higher education and the obama economy isn’t going to create jobs in this hostile environment.  Just go golfing full time and get out of our way.

– What kind of people would let their children near these corrupt people who are perpetrating the largest ponsey scheme on America, while putting unsustainable debt on the backs of these children??!!

– National Suicide.  Who can believe his goal is anything other than to break down America so he can build it up into his utopian dream….. which has historically never worked anywhere?  Fact is we are printing money at an unsustainable rate, so much so that we are actually in the greatest depression the US has ever experienced, if it weren’t for the all time high food stamps issued under Obama, we would have people starving to death in this obama economy.  He is just putting off the inevitable.  Be prepared for what is coming.

– Obama is an example of why you should never do drugs.

– It’s past time for a leader who can lead, instead of blame and subterfuge.

– HOW can he speak on the economy? He is clueless!!!!

– Lame Duck.  He has caused the US to implode and intelligent Americans won’t let him get away with it until he serves time.

– You don’t see the wheels coming off of this admin?  Both his foreign and domestic policies are coming undone, and even the supreme court ruled against him in a 9 – 0 decision.  Enjoy what you think is Healthcare…….lol  while it lasts.  You are receiving third world care.

– Great Trashy earrings for a first lady.

– Outstanding?  LOL.  I prefer when he is standing out….. of the white house. America will be safer once his damage has been undone and our strength returned.

– Yes, make small talk about how “hot” it is outside, as you know nothing about the economy.

– If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.  Can I keep my doctor now? Republican governors are leading their way our of debt, unlike the Dem states.  It shouldn’t be surprise, a the R’s plans work,and the D’s only put us in debt.

– You actually believe what he says here, rather than do the research yourself?  Hitler thought he was a good guy too.
America didn’t want this type of government; else we would have had a King George III; instead we have Barack Obama the one and only.

Out of these 13 comments, there are only a few possible “facts”.

…are perpetrating the largest ponsey scheme on America, while putting unsustainable debt on the backs of these children
Ladylordess blames President Obama for debt from republican policies that Obama didn’t sign into law or support in any way.  Obama’s total contribution to the debt is roughly 2% of the total.
0/1, ladylordess. 

Republican governors are leading their way our of debt, unlike the Dem states.
Ladylordess offers no support for this crackpottery.  But there are multiple examples of the opposite.  Kansas, Wisconsin, New Jersy, California, for a few examples that come to mind.

we are printing money at an unsustainable rateso much so that we are actually in the greatest depression the US has ever experienced, if it weren’t for the all time high food stamps issued under Obama, we would have people starving to death in this obama economy
Ladylordess apparently isn’t aware that inflation is incredibly low, enough that economists were more worried about deflation than inflation.   Nor is she aware that the Fed’s QE is about 1/3 of what it was under Bernanke.  The food stamp whine is as ridiculous as everything else the spammer rights.  Without the bush crisis and recession, there’d be no need for additional food stamps – or the stimulus, for that matter.

In two months of comments, ladylordess has spewed zero facts. 

Is there anything more anti-American than…

Is there anything more anti-American than meeting on inauguration night to decide how best to oppose the newly elected president, in an attempt to “see him fail”?

Wouldn’t the appropriate thing to do, be to decide how best to WORK WITH THE PRESIDENT THAT THE MAJORITY OF VOTERS ELECTED?


Fuck Republicans.

Fuck Conservatives.

And you idiot libertarians (a subset of moronic conservatives) aren’t any better.

Comparing Apples to Apples

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that GWB didn’t put the cost of the wars on the official budget – they were instead funded with emergency supplemental bills. Additional budget tricks enabled his administration to hide roughly $300 billion per year from the official deficit.

Here is the way brain-washed conservatives view the deficit, thanks to some lame propaganda from the koch-brother funded heritage foundation.
Google has enabled their lies, as the heritage foundation page displaying this deceiving graphic as the first result for “obama bush deficit”, for years.  Its still near the top.

Propaganda attempt from Heritage Foundation
Really lame attempt to blame obama for republican spending. In fact, Obama simply told the truth about the deficit that (R)’s built before he took office.

What would a more honest deficit chart look like?
One that includes the cost of the wars?
Do you notice that the deficit improves under (D) presidents, while it blows up under (R)’s?
Good, you can read a chart.

Part of the problem with the heritage foundation chart above is that they are comparing two measures of the deficit.  One with an honest financial cost of the wars (obama’s), and one that hides the war’s cost (bush’s).  The first version of the graphic included “under bush” and “under obama”, but that was too honest (though still too nuanced for conservatives to understand).

And as koch-funded Cato Institute explained, the vast majority of the deficit that Heritage seeks to blame Obama for is the result of policies signed into law by GWB.

Right wing propagandists focus on debt, now that the deficit has been cut in half under Obama.

You couldn’t miss the whines about “spending” for the first four years of Obama’s presidency.
Nevermind that the “spending” con propagandists were whining about was roughly 0% obamna’s spending.

But since the deficit has been reduced faster than any president in 60+ years, (R)’s and their pathetic propagandists have switched their whines to focus on the debt.

What they are hoping their idiot supporters don’t realize, is that the deficit feeds the debt.
Do you understand what that means, clowns?

It means the debt added per year (deficit) without Obama is greater than the debt is now with Obama’s policies.
But you’ll still hear desperate attempts from right wing anti-american BS artists, complaining about the debt.

They’ll also lie and say Obama promised to reduce the debt.
Wouldn’t that be something? If Obama was able to completely fix the 1.2 trillion dollar deficit that GWB left? With enough of a surplus that we’d reduce the debt itself?

Obama did promise to cut the deficit in half.
That has been done.
Deficit hawks are quiet now that they really can’t whine about the deficit (of their own making).

More Fox Fake News Stupidity – whining about food stamps while supporting the deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy

Which do you think costs more, idiot conservatives…
The millions in fees that deadbeat Bundy has refused to pay for decades, or the pathetic surfer that fox fake news likes to trot out to represent everyone using food stamps?

Where is the line drawn?
Why does the heavily subsidized deadbeat rancher get Fox Fake New’s support, while they try to demonize food stamps.

Fox has chosen to prop up the BIGGEST DEAD BEATS BY FAR.
They constantly try to obscure the koch brothers deeds in buying our elections – and nobody gets more subsidies than big oil.
Corporate welfare? Ok with fox fake news.

But if it helps an american citizen… fox goes into demonize mode.

Lets talk about SPENDING

Consider the following chart:

The top line in dark blue, is outlays. This is federal spending.
If you can READ A FUCKING CHART, you’ll noticed that spending has DROPPED consistently under President Obama (doesn’t that blow up every dumb “spending” whine propagandist conservatives have said for 5 years?).

And before you celebrate the lowered spending, economists have said to concentrate on jobs, rather than deficit reduction – but when you have a wacko right wing House as we’ve had since 2011.. wtf can you do? (R)’s won’t allow anything that would help the economy to even get a vote. Experts don’t matter to wacko cons.

You’ll also note that revenues have improved – due largely to the partial repeal of the bush tax cuts to a decent degree and the improving (relative to the beginning of 2009) economy.