Obama Bows again! Fox/Righty Tizzy?

There was a big fuss from the right last time Obama bowed to a foreign leader.
Apparently we have some that think America is so superior that we dare not pay heed to our allies customs.

But they apparently are ok with our previous president slippin’ some tonque to the saudi prince (something like that).

On this trip to Asia, our President stopped in Japan and gave a great bow to the Emperor and Empress.

The world is ending! lol.
I kid, but I haven’t yet gotten to see if this is making the typical rounds through righty paranoid blogs.

Here is the reaction from some japanese, regarding “the bow”.

“What a bow!”
“Such a deep bow from Obama, what a fine guy.”
“I’m surprised he bowed. He’s really trying hard to meet the Japanese way!”
“President Obama is a top-class person, isn’t he? Amazing!”
“The Emperor is giving a nice smile!”
“Is the Japanese Emperor really that special?”
“The Emperor or the Pope, the President or the Prime Minister, whoever is greater is not something that I think can be decided objectively.”
“I laughed because it was a much better bow than I had imagined.”
“Obama’s huge!”
“Obama has more of a true Japanese heart than most Japanese do.”

From: http://www.examiner.com/x-16352-Japan-Headlines-Examiner~y2009m11d15-Japans-reaction-to-Obama-bowing-before-the-Emperor?cid=examiner-email

UPDATE: Nov. 16
The president’s encounter with Emperor Akihito has some conservatives crying foul.
Yahoo article here

And Karl Rove’s reaction is below.
Rove Attacks Obama For Bowing: He Should Do What All Presidents Have Done And ‘Not Bow To Monarchies’

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