Journalists: The Stupid

An example of journalistic stupidity is below.
How this guy ever got a job reporting anything is beyond me.

The article is titled:
“It’s Barack Obama’s first anniversary – but there’s precious little to celebrate”

The first paragraph gives a clear indication of the author’s bias.
“I have no idea whether this poor woman kept the roof over her head; all I know is, if she did, it would have been no thanks to Mr Obama.”

I’ll translate.
I don’t know ANYTHING about this woman, but I KNOW that she wasn’t helped by Obama.
Hilariously dumb by way of assumption.

Paragraph 3 repeats republican talking points about the cost of health care reform despite the CBO saying that deficits will be reduced as a result.


Paragraph 4 talks about perceived failuers: The olympics bid and not securing any concessions from Russia for scrapping missile defense plans. Thats it.
That is the author’s evidence to support his claim. That Obama failed to bring home the Olympics for Chicago and concessions from Russia that likely were never a goal of the administration. The author ends this paragraph with “it damaged him in America, and outraged his true believers”.

What, lol? Outraged his true believers?
That he tried to get the Olympics for his country?

This author is a mad man.
Or dumb.

The 5th paragraph is more republican fear-mongering about the debt – which the author does not bother to explain is primarily a result of policies set before Obama took office.

The author also sneaks in a “The health care plans, were they to be enacted, would make this dire situation even worse.”
Completely retarded.
Passing health care reform will benefit the majority of businesses in the country.
This jackass of an author must be listening to the looney Virginia Foxx.

Don’t have to wait long for the next asinine comment in that same paragraph.
“The stimulus package of $787 billion has paid few dividends”.
640,000 jobs.
Suck it, Simon Heffer.

Next paragraph, this predictable turd defends Fox in its war on America and the democratically elected government.

Ah well, conservative media is out in force misinforming their adoring public.
You Simon Heffer, are a giant turd.

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