Introducing Babyspittle’s Regurgitated News

This is my attempt at re-newscasting.
If you’ve paid close attention to the news – there will be nothing new here.

However, some details may be new to you.
Fox viewers, this will ALL be new to you (or you wouldn’t watch fox).

Here is my introduction video.

The idea is to take down one Fox-publican lie at a time – going into as much detail as I can handle.
Which means a few minutes per lie, max – my attention span isn’t what it used to be.

Sometimes there are multiple lies wrapped up in one lie.
For instance, the lie that “obama tripled the deficit”.
That lie relies on you believing that:
1. the bush deficits were real (they are not – they are short by about 300 billion per year)
2. that FY2009 is all obama (when the majority is set by GWB).

The deficit was 1.25 trillion when Obama took office.
He took it to 1.4 trillion.
That is not tripling the deficit.

The bottom line?
NOTHING fox “news” has taught you moron right-wingers is true.

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