Do conservatives have a single valid complaint about President Obama?

Help me out if you think you have heard a valid complaint.

“he’s socialist” – plainly bullshit

“I don’t like his spending” – its crap. Obama’s ONLY legislation that adds to the deficit is the stimulus – which is less than 1/3 the cost of the bush tax cuts by themselves. Conservatives have been trying to blame President Obama for the republican spending from 2001-2006. Well guess what Cons? We’re STILL paying for that crap every damned year.

“He raised my income taxes” – bullshit. Factually incorrect bullshit.

“he’s a communist” – glen beckian bullcrap

“he’s a terrorist” – one of my former friends made this idiotic comment. President Obama’s got Al Qaeda on the ropes and took out Osama Bin Laden. Sit and spin, Bitch.

“Health Reform is socialism” – these crack addicts AVOID the facts. If you remove the ideology from the equation and simply look at the economic impact, health reform is a huge win. For everybody but big insurance. And much of health reform is CONSERVATIVE IDEAS. That mandate conservatives hate so much? conservative idea.

“Death panels” – if you believe anything betsy mccaughey and sarah palin say, you’re brain dead. This particular lie won politifact’s first “Lie of the Year award”.

What else do cons claim to not like?
Oh, the wars.

Bush took us into Iraq for 8 years, but NOW conservatives are itching to get out – it gives them a reason to attack the president over BUSH’s war. Take some responsibility cons, you pathetic weasels. Same with Afghanistan.

Libya cost 1/1000th of Iraq’s cost and ZERO americans died.
These two things are not even remotely comparable, except through the result (a dictator removed from power)

“he’s continued bush policies” – bullcrap. bush wanted health reform? news to .. everyone. bush wanted financial reform? why didn’t he do it then? bush wanted the stimulus? he could have tried, but his stimulus packages were always weak. Bush would have invaded Libya and we’d be there another 10 years.

Bring it.
What is a valid complaint against this president, you pathetic conservative turds.

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