AP – Glass half empty

I have noticed that the associated press has been on a big “downer” streak all year.

Another bit of evidence popped up today.
Witness this headline.

23 states report higher unemployment in September

From: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iG41E9cl-hj1iLR6_ln6q-z8FY4QD9BFLJTG0

Here’s some elementary school math for AP writer Christopher S. Rugaber.

If 23 states report higher unemployment, 27 states reported lower unemployment.

Why do you emphasize the smaller share of that pie, Mr. Rugaber?
Why couldn’t we get with a headline of:

27 states report lower unemployment in September

What exactly is the agenda here?
Selling gold?

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention today that 23 states is the lowest that number has been in a year.

What is the problem here, AP?
Murdoch have some leverage on you?

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