A list of Obama’s “Massive Spending”

For the past two years, foxpublicans have spent half their time whining about spending, despite their policies accounting for a vast majority of the deficit. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman talks about deficit hysteria here, and not long ago he wrote this op-ed entitled, “hey small spender”

This list will include all legislation signed by president Obama.
TARP was signed by president bush on october 3, 3008.

Signed on January 29, 2009
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Increase in federal expenditure: 0

Signed on February 04, 2009
Children’s Health Insurance Reauthorization Act
Increase in federal expenditure: 0

According to CBO, the provisions to maintain and expand children’s health coverage would cost $32.3 billion over five years (2009-2013). These costs would be fully offset, primarily through an increase in federal tobacco taxes.


Signed on February 11, 2009
DTV Delay Act
Increase in federal expenditure: 0

Signed on February 17, 2009
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
Increase in federal expenditure: $800 billion (787 originally, 812 was a later estimate) over 10 years, with most spent in the first 3.
Conservatives don’t count tax cuts as spending though, so you can remove $288 billion from that total.
The 3 million jobs created produced increased tax revenue on the order of $100 billion.
So the adjusted cost is closer to $400, if you don’t include tax cut costs.
For the record, I’m with the deficit on this one – it doesn’t care if you lower revenue (tax cuts) or increase spending.

Signed on March 20, 2009
Small Business Act Temporary Extension
Increase in federal expenditure: unknown – may be nothing, as I’m finding nothing from the CBO

Signed on March 30, 2009
Omnibus Public Lands Management Act
Increase in federal expenditure: $410 billion
However, this isn’t new spending.

Every year, Congress must pass bills that appropriate money for all discretionary government spending. Generally, one bill is passed for each sub-committee of the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations. Ordinarily, each bill is passed separately — one bill for Defense, one for Homeland Security, and so on.
When Congress does not or cannot produce separate bills in a timely fashion (by the beginning of the fiscal year on October 1), it will roll many of the separate appropriations bills into one omnibus spending bill. Some of the reasons that Congress might not complete all the separate bills include partisan disagreement, disagreement amongst members of the same political party, and too much work on other bills.

Congress was late passing these bills – which would have been passed by bush
It is incorrect to add this to obama’s total – its leftover business.

more… soon

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